And what if Man were descended from the clown...

On the roof of a building, around a huge billboard, three remarkable characters meet: Barbouillette, a "Sonne­ Heure" by trade - in fact a most peculiar "bell ringer" - who actually lives in the billboard, Monsieur, a tragic actor who has never but never learned to laugh, and Bulle, an athletic and optimistic "contr-actor" there to repair the billboard. The shock (7.4 on the Richter scale!) resulting from the meeting of these three strange characters leads to a quite exhaustive portrait, clownish and musical, with many emotions and jokes getting the action moving again.


Script, interpretation, research, original idea and direction: Josette Déchène, Pierre Potvin, Paul Vachon
Direction of actors: Jack Robitaille
Original music: Josette Déchène, Pierre Potvin, Paul Vachon
Scenography : Luce Pelletier
Set design: Gilles Carré
Lighting: Louis-Marie Lavoie
Accessories: Christian Fontaine and Lina Vachon
Costumes: Atelier Par Apparat
Production Manager: Lina Vachon
Stage Manager: Christian Fontaine

Show Details

Show created in 1992.