Burletta at 4 times

Further to the success obtained by Burletta around Canada, we decided to adapt it to present it outdoor, under big top or in small theatre.

Burletta is an Italian term applied to small operas that are mischievous, somewhat malicious and very good-humoured. We retain the air of gentle mockery, parody and a certain outrageousness. This creation draws from a Pandora’s Box of actions and musical styles in which choreography and precarious balancing acts lead to ever more silly feats.


Artistic Director : Paul Vachon
Directors : Michel Dallaire et Christine Rossignol
Performers : Dominique Grenier, Joannie Hébert, Véronique Provencher, Karina Werneck Assis
Scenography : Huguette Lauzé
Original Music : René Lussier
Lighting Designer : Emilie Vachon

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Created in 2015