Double & Trouble
Double & Trouble
Duo & Débats
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Double & Trouble

Comic compatriots, skillful acrobats, astonishing musicians, and punsters par excellence Bulle and Barbouillette are personality opposites who meet by chance on a train station platform. While waiting for the train, they create their own special world, a world without barriers of time or space, in which they learn to appreciate one other. Sizing each other up, they establish communications, oversome differences, recognize affinities, and befriend each other.

Barbouillette's curiosity leads Bulle to unpack his valises. The musical contents within set the scene for a series of showdowns in which Bulle et Barbouillette prove themselves equally skillful players. lt's an encounter between two people, two clowns, two musicians. Their initial clash and clatter gradually develop into a harmonious, sometimes hilarious duo of percussion and vibraphone, clarinet and flute, tuba and musical frying pans. The magic of Bulle and Barbouillette will transport you into the universe of the clown, where reality and imagination inter mingle.


Creation and interpretation : Josette Déchène el Paul Vachon
Director : Josette Déchène and Paul Vachon
Director's assistance : Michel Dallaire
Original music : Pierre Potvin, Daniel Émond
Choreography : Paul Vachon, Roger Dion
Senography : Lina Vachon, Elaine Pearson and Josette Déchène
Lighting : Marc Bouchard


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Show created in 1983