Fabulations is the story of a traveler and the little man who lives inside him. In actual fact, it is mainly the story of this little man, Faux Nez (prounouced : phoney).
He was a man of very small stature. Who wore a hat that was too small for him and had a cane that was so short that it did not even reach the ground. His nose (that of a clown) emphasized the various aspects of is personality.
Fauz Nez liked neither the day-time, nor the sun, just as he did not like day-time activities. Instead, Faux-Nez only liked the moon, white, luminous, smiling and conspiring…


Creation and interpretation: Paul Vachon
Written and directed by Richard Aubé
Original music: Pierre Potvin and Paul Vachon
Set design: Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt
Costumes: Line Bussière
Lighting: Dominic Filteau
Production manager: Josette Déchène

Show Details

Fabulations, a solo show created in 1995 and performed by Paul Vachon.