La Macédoine de L'Aubergine
La Macédoine de L'Aubergine
La Macédoine de L'Aubergine

An exquisite combination of the best ingredients that have made up the Auberginian menu since 1974, with excerpts from several of the company’s creations. People familiar with L’Aubergine’s repertoire will be happy to see characters like Bulle, Barbouillette, Bigoudis and the Bob jugglers again. It goes without saying that this ratatouille is topped with a tasty musical sauce to spice things up.



Director : Paul Vachon

Performers : Benoit Auger, Josette Déchène, Fabrice Tremblay, Denis St-Onge, Lina Vachon, Paul Vachon

Conceptors : Richard Aubé, Benoit Auger, Line Bussière, Josette Déchène, Daniel Émond, Christian Fontaine, Isabelle Larivière, Luce Pelletier,Pierre Potvin, Denis St-Onge, Emilie Vachon, Lina Vachon, Paul Vachon

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Created in 2007