"sCHNOUTe", neither from the vegetable nor the mineral kingdom, but rather from the animal one, above all the unique musical world.
The show "sCHNOUTe " is an original and theatrical show full of exhilirating music and comic situations.
It is the meeting of unusual beings who live in a "jukebox" and whose main task consists in answering all the musical
selections made:  jazz, chamber music, military music, melodrama, opera, classical, heavy metal, love songs…
The "sCHNOUTes" just cannot be stopped.  Their laughs, their rhythm, the music they play and their originality bring wonder to the public.
"sCHNOUTe" is a highly visual show tinged with great humor that will transport you into a unique musical world.
It is the product of a great deal of experience with clowns and intensive musical research. A lively and  imaginative trio of clowns paint a fresco through caricatures of the principal musical forms that marked our era.


Director : Michel Nadeau
Authors and performers : Josette Déchène, Pierre Potvin, Paul Vachon
Original music : Pierre Potvin
Lighting : Pierre Labrie
Scenography : Luce Pelletier
Costumes : Lyne Bussières
Accessories : Yvon Drouin, André Leduc

Show Details

First production for adults created in 1987.

The show won the prize Best set design as part of the Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture (Fondation du Trident).