Staccato, a unique blend of humour, music and visual antics have charmed spectators of all ages. The mischievous Bigoudis has some bizarre but mirth-provoking ideas. His friend Grand Bob, an accomplished juggler of imposing stature, has the daunting task of ensuring that the master of ceremonies behaves with decorum.

An intermingling of music, comedy, juggling acts, unicycle rides and farcical scenarios in which this terrible twosome stumbles across an elephant with a musical trunk and a tap dancer sporting stiletto heels, Staccato is a surefire source of laughter, amazement and delight. A genial, versatile duo, accomplished musicians whose suitcases are filled with curious instruments such as “cymbal-hat” and “drum-shoes”, Bob and Bigoudis serve up healthy portions of hilarity to youngsters thanks to their many talents in the various performing arts disciplines.


Created and performed by Lina Vachon and Denis St-Onge
Direction: Paul Vachon et Agnès Zacharie
Music: Fabrice Tremblay
Costumes: Huguette Lauzé


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