Three doors, three chairs, three wooden boards...
One light bulb...
In this timeless setting, the very different worlds of three clowns will collide. Gradually forgetting their own individuality, they build rapport around what they hold most dear: their playfulness, their ‘joie de vivre’ and an uncontrollable imagination.
Struggling with their own silliness and enthusiasm, which sometimes prevent them from seeing further than the tips of their toes, they meet, size each other up, experience some friction and create new bonds based on their unique abilities. For one of them, it is the flexibility of her body; for another, it is the tessitura of her voice; and finally, for the last one, it is the sheer excess of her constructions.
Through various scenes forged with humor and flair, this performance examines the topic of human relationships. It inspires playfulness, joy, and—most of all—lots of laughter, as these three clowns have a few tricks up their sleeves.


Original idea and director : Christine Rossignol
Clown coaching : Michel Dallaire
Authors and performers : Etienne Audet, Dominique Grenier, Marie-Michèle Pharand
Scenography : Huguette Lauzé and Josette Déchène
Original music : Fabrice Tremblay
Lighting : Emilie Vachon

Show Details

5-12 years or Family show
55 minutes
4 people touring
Auditorium max: 400
Gym max : 300
Set up : 4 h
Strike : 2h

Our Creators

Stage Director

Christine Rossignol began her professional career in Tours where she first interpreted characters from the classical repertoire. She made her debut with the company Champ Libre, writing shows to be presented in different settings (streets, rooms, shop windows, etc.). In 1983, she moved to Paris where she worked as an actress and clown, mainly with the companies Extincteur, Les Applicateurs and La Revue Éclair. In 1990, she co-founded the company Contre Pour with Michel Dallaire and staged many shows that toured all over Europe and on this side of the Atlantic (including Les Hommes en Noir, Circo Bidon, Cie Wure Wure, Cirque Éloize, and Hop la Circus). All while continuing writing and staging, she has also performed in various shows (Les Girls, La Circonférence de Rien, and Gold and Finger, among others).
Christine has since taken to exploring clowning and the writing process while creating shows for both the theatre and the street. In 1997, still working as co-director alongside Michel Dallaire, she founded the Hangar des Mines, a world-renowned clown training centre. She worked there from 2004 to 2016, staging many shows and teaching the sensitive clown. Christine joined the L’Aubergine family in 2009 during the creation of Burletta, which she co-staged with Michel Dallaire and Paul Vachon. From 2013 onward, her collaboration with the company intensified. Since then, she has been involved in the creation of Ç4 D3M3N4G3, TerZetttoBurletta à 4 temps, DODÉ, as well as Ripopée. Christine Rossignol was artistic director of L'Aubergine from 2014 to 2018.
Author and performer

At the age of 12, Etienne joins "Le Cirque de étoiles" a small circus in Magog. When he reach  the age of 16, he performed as an aerialist, doing trapeze for two years and also performing during summers as a street performer. When Etienne moved to Quebec City, he trained in the recreational program 12 hours a week, in Quebec Circus School. Then he auditioned at National Circus school of Montreal, where he joined the Preparatory Program. After one year of training in Montreal, he decided to go back to Quebec City to complete his professional studies as a circus artist and decided to specialize in contortion and duo trapeze.
As an artist that is always looking for improvemet and creation of interesting images, he mixes acrobatics, hand balancing, dance and contortion, putting down the bases of a new avenue: the acrobatic contortion.​

Co-Stage Director and Clown Coaching

Michel has taken several courses in Quebec, Canada and in France. He has played in the theatre, taught the art of the clown and also founded La Bébelle (Sherbrooke), The Ratatouille (Vancouver), Les Hommes en Noir (France), and has worked for many other troupes in the US and in Europe. He was responsible for the educational principles of training module used for clowning/music/staging in Le Hangar des Mines, a place where national and international artists are trained in the art of the clown, in addition to transferring his know-how to other organizations.
Michel Dallaire has been collaborating with L’Aubergine for many years. Along with Christine Rossignol, he is also behind the successes of Burletta and TerZettto.
Author and performer

A native of Quebec City, Dominique is an actress, singer and author. Besides Burletta she created with L’Aubergine the street performance C4 D3M3N4G3! and participated in several events including the street entertainment shows Les Farfaelfes and La Familia. She has performed in KomikSlapstickMusikKlub, a physical and musical cabaret theater presented by the Théâtre Niveau Parking in 2013. She performed with Troupe Minute in several theater productions including Un cadavre à l’entracte and Danse-toi de d’là!, which she authored, both of which were presented at the Théâtre du Manoir du Lac Delage. She is also the author and performer of Théâtre Exaltemps’s Noël 1933, which was presented over sixty times in the province of Quebec. In January 2014, together with Éric Robitaille, she created the apprentice acrobats comedy duo En force! She also co-founded the vocal quartet Les Convives, a clown animation with a cappella vocal music.


Having a background in visual arts from Laval University and a great interest for textile arts, Huguette Lauzé was quickly drawn to scenography.

Huguette is a costume and prop designer for the musical ensemble Strada (La Fanfarnienté della Strada and the Fanfare Monfarleau) and the Théâtre À Tempo (L’Oubliette, Muche truc and Bidule Band). As such, she also worked on several productions at L’Aubergine, namely Burletta, TerZettto and DODÉ, the Farfaelfes animations, and more recently ÖHÉ. She also regularly collaborates with various productions by the École de cirque de Québec (Christmas cabarets and Mâts et Cordages). She took part in Oser rêver and La grande tablée at Cirque du monde. She also made puppets for the tale Le loup et les 7 chevreaux for the Musée de la Civilisation.

She loves handmade felt work, which allows her to create original hats and accessories.
Author and performer

With a background in gymnastics, Marie-Michèle has worked in the field of acrobatics for over 15 years. In 2014, she completed her training in circus arts at the École de cirque de Québec, and has since participated in a number of scenic experiences across America. Her skills in disciplines such as floor acrobatics and clownish games led her to take part in several events and festivals including Montréal complètement cirque and TurboFest. In 2013, she also participated in the research and creation workshops of the 7 Doigts de la main troupe, in preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games.

Original music

Fabrice Tremblay has been creating, acting, and composing for over 25 years. A multi-instrumentalist, he explores varied melodic musical worlds. He participated in key events in Quebec City, with original compositions for the 400 Years Top Chrono Urban Route in 2008 during the city’s 400th anniversary celebrations. In collaboration with Productions Richard Aubé, Fabrice Tremblay has created original music for Kébec, Memory Stone, a multimedia presentation that combines circus arts, dancing, singing and music and that pays tribute to Quebec City from yesterday to today. He provided the sound universe of the Musée de la civilisation’s gardens in 2009 for the event Vertiges sur les toits du Musée. More recently, he participated in the launch of the Lévis Celebrations in January 2011 with Lévis au Cube at Fort no. 1.

After studying production at CEGEP Lionel Groulx in the Theatre program, Emilie served as Stage Manager for Quebec companies and Assistant Director with instructors and trainers in the art of the clown. She took care of stage management in places such as the Cabaret du Capitole and the Théâtre de la Bordée, and similarly for events such as La Bourse Rideau and the Festival d'été.

For l'Aubergine, Emilie has participated in several shows including DADA, Burletta, Aaatchoum!, Staccato, Nwolc and La Crèche Vivante. Currently acting as Executive Director of L’Aubergine, Emilie Vachon nevertheless continues to exploit her technical knowledge by designing the lighting effects for the latest productions.

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