The Beautiful Bob's Baobab
The Beautiful Bob's Baobab
Beau Baobab A Bob
Beau Baobab A Bob1
Beau Baobab A Bob2
Beau Baobab A Bob3
The Beautiful Bob's Baobab

Stars of this hilarious clowning around, these talented artists play with flexibility and virtuosity many musical instruments (clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, sousaphone, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizer vibraphone, even musical frying pans!), Skilled jugglers whirl round everything they touch: balloons, balls, pins, hats... They also perform a spectacular diabolo act, a kind of space ballet, a visual choreography.

THE BEAUTIFUL BOB'S BAOBAB is a real running fire of comic situations, sometimes raving mad sometimes soft crying.


Musicians : François Beausoleil, Pierre Potvin, Marc Vallée
Performers : Josette Déchène, Lina Vachon, Paul Vachon
Jugglers : Benoit Auger, Denis ST-ONGE

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Show created in 1988