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Zig Zag

ZIG ZAG is the odyssey of three eccentric cafe owners who, bursting with initiative, decide to open a bistro in a location no one else  has  thought  of. We come upon them under a  parachute,  newly  landed  in  the  remotest desert, proud to have finally left the competition in the dust.
But dust is only one of their problems, as our dynamic entrepreneurs face  the challenge of creating a  menu  in  this  parched  and  desolate  setting. Nearing desperation, they are at last  saved  by  the  appearance  off  egg­  laying  !izards.   Today's special:  OMELETTES !    That  matter  settled,  their  next  difficulty  proves  to  be  a  serious  lack  of  customers.  No  problem  for this  self-sufficient  trio  who,  using  their  already-evident   stores   of imagination, become their own zany clientele.


Created and Perfomed :  Benoît Auger, Denis St-Onge, Lina Vachon
Research  and Creation Contribution : Francine Côté, John Lambert, Philippe Soldevila, Pierre Potvin
Stage Director : Philippe Soldevila
Original Music : Pierre Potvin
Music Performed : Marc Vallée
Scenography : Elène Pearson
Costume : Lucie Larose
Props and Lighting : Johnny Boivin

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Created in 1991