The Familia is coming to your neighbourhood! Five members of a rather unusual family from "who knows where" arrive with all their belongings in tow. Like any good family reunion, a party is in order: with music, songs, juggling, blunders and comical situations on the menu for this trip to the city. Everything is an excuse to have fun and laugh with these funny, surprising and endearing characters—a true Familia!

This festive street show features five artists working in Quebec City—where clowning, circus arts and music are anything but lacking. Directed by L’Aubergine’s artistic director, Véronika Makdissi-Warren, Familia brings together all the right ingredients to win over the hearts of young and old alike.

Show details
Street show
40 minutes


Director : Véronika Makdissi-Warren
Performers : Miryam Amrouche, Guillaume Berger-Sidwell, Flavia Nascimento, Raphaëlle Pépin, Véronique Provencher
Costume design: Huguette Lauzé



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